Social Distancing With Friends: Kargo CEO Harry Kargman

By Ryan Joe | April 17, 2020

As seen on AdExchanger

In this episode of Social Distancing With Friends, Kargo CEO and founder Harry Kargman talks wine tasting over Zoom, keeping morale high and how to get the timing right so your company can accelerate when the pandemic is over.

Also, he predicts what advertiser activity might look like as the world comes out of its stasis, and what needs to happen currently so buyers don’t take the easy route and keyword-block anything and everything associated with the coronavirus.

This episode also features the Kargman children and an extremely healthy smoothie being made in the background.

Harry’s assessment?

"It’s rich and chocolaty,” he says. “Base is a chocolaty cacao. Avocado gives it a fatty taste. It’s a nice combination of chocolaty, buttery, with a little bit of that berry sweetness. And it definitely tastes healthy.”

Lucas Dawson