In a commitment to support the BIPOC community, which has been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, Kargo will be providing pro bono advertising services to qualified BIPOC-founded small businesses across the country. 


Program Overview

Selected organizations will receive dedicated support in executing a month-long customized campaign to help drive awareness and meaningful growth. As part of this program, Kargo will offer free advertising services including mobile ad creative buildout, access to our audience targeting suite and donated inventory across our network of premium editorial publishers. In addition, Kargo will spotlight each business on its social channels.

We’ve teamed up with amazing businesses, including:


Why Kargo? What is this doing
for me and why not Facebook
or Google? 

Through this program, Kargo can help your business:

  1. Create unique digital creative assets only accessible through Kargo 

  2. Build customer personas that allow you to connect with more qualified audiences

  3. Run high impact advertising on premium editorial environments 

  4. Dedicated account management team to shepherd the campaign from beginning to end and provide valuable metrics along the way 

Who is Kargo to the
small business world? 

Kargo has made a name for itself in the world of digital media and ad technology. Competing with the likes of Facebook and Google, we have held our ground as the premium mobile advertising one stop shop. We create dynamic, non-intrusive ad formats for Fortune 500 brands and run those ads on today’s top media outlets. And while we do run with the big dogs, we still view ourselves as a small business. We have no outside investment, we run a tight operation and we understand what it takes to stand out. Let us show you what our small and mighty media shop can do for your business.


Kargo will partner with you to determine the best solutions for your business:



Kargo reaches 100% of US smartphone users across the most popular and premium mobile web content. Utilize Kargo’s targeting solutions to engage your desired audience.

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Kargo’s eye-catching, mobile-first ads are proven to drive results. Kargo will help select and custom-design the right unit for you to best amplify your brand messaging.



With Kargo’s audience insights solutions, gain valuable learnings about the people who engage with your campaign to inform your brand and future marketing strategies.

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Insights & Reporting

Kargo will provide you with a post-campaign comprehensive performance insights report, including:

  • How many readers viewed the campaign

  • How many people clicked on the ad

  • How long the ad was in-view 

  • Top performing sites where the ad ran 

  • How many people converted, or visited the landing page (needs to be pixelated)


In order to be eligible, businesses must meet the following requirements:

  • Majority BIPOC-owned, for-profit business

  • Legally registered in the USA

  • Owner must be at least 18 years old

  • Have been in business for at least a year

  • Have an active online presence

  • Have been financially burdened by COVID-19


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