California Privacy Notice


The California Consumer Privacy Act provides California residents with certain rights concerning their Personal Information.  A California resident can exercise certain rights under the CCPA, including: 

  • Request the personal information we collect about them.

  • Ask that we delete the personal information we collect about them.

  • Opt out of having their personal information sold (as defined in the CCPA).

Kargo respects those rights and will honor CCPA requests made by a California resident or their authorized agent.

Please note that, in providing advertising services to clients, we only collect the (1) Internet Protocol (IP) address associated with a user’s device and (2) the most recent search history associated with that IP address.  We do not collect a user’s name, address, email address or similar personally identifiable information unless you choose to voluntarily provide us with such information through the Contact Us feature of the website. 

In order for Kargo to verify and process a CCPA request, Kargo will need to collect more Personal Information from the requestor than we collect in the course of verify your identity.  Doing so will require us to collect more Personal Information from the requestor than we collect in the course of providing our advertising services. 

If you wish to proceed with a CCPA request:

  1. You must verify that you are a California resident. Please send a copy of proof of your California residency to  The proof you submit should show your name and state of residence or California as the issuing state of the document (such as a driver’s license or state-issued ID card).  We suggest you cross out any other identifying information (such as driver’s license number and street address) on the copy you submit.  Your proof of California residency will be destroyed after it is reviewed and verified.

  2. If you are making the request on behalf of another person, provide proof of authorization to act on that person’s behalf pursuant to the CCPA.  We may require the consumer to directly verify their identity with Kargo.

  3. You will receive a confirmation email once your California residency is confirmed. The email will include instructions on next steps to enable Kargo to determine whether any of your Personal Information resides in our records and to process your request.

NOTE:  After we process your request to opt out of the sale of your personal information, you may still see advertising served by Kargo. While you will not be served advertising based on your Personal Information, the advertising may be delivered to a general audience on the website you are using.


Please direct any questions to