Kargo Announces The Editorial Endeavor To Support Professional Journalism and Editorial Content

Kargo, the leader in mobile advertising, today announced the Editorial Endeavor, a consortium dedicated to supporting diverse and premium publishers through better media practices, special programs and industry action. Audience-based media buying has eroded the foundation of quality journalism and editorial content, threatening the media ecosystem and the very fabric of publishing. Brands have also created keyword and content blocking tactics that divert revenue away from important news and diverse content. The Editorial Endeavor has a mission to support quality publishing to effect positive change for public good.

“Discovery is an enthusiastic supporter of Kargo's Editorial Endeavor. We strive to be an inclusive publisher, with a wide variety of quality content. It's important that the industry works together to ensure nuanced, considerate media buying tactics that support diverse content while still offering brand safety and control,” said Bill Murray, VP Programmatic Revenue and Ad Products at Discovery, Inc.

"Only through courageous journalism and the truth do the most important issues of our time zoom into focus. But like the rest of the media industry, we can't do it alone," said Complex Networks President, Christian Baesler. "It requires partners to join us in helping these stories continue to be told and reach the audiences who need them most."

Supporting diverse editorial talent is an integral part of that commitment. The Editorial Endeavor is launching with a new program called Editorial Spotlight. The Spotlight showcases the stories of editors and writers that are creating innovative content within the news and lifestyle verticals, including US News & World Report, Bustle, iOne Digital, Complex, Discovery, Hearst, and Livestrong. The series explores the human element of media—highlighting each editor’s writing process, how journalism has shifted in the digital era, and their take on today’s news. The Editorial Spotlight will be prominently featured on the Editorial Endeavor website and amplified through social media and a consumer facing ad campaign 

“Editors are the backbone of professional journalism and it’s time to tell their stories. It’s an honor to highlight such a diverse group of talented publishing professionals that are defining new normals in their industry,” said Mike Leonard, Director, Publisher Partnerships at Kargo. 

“The Editorial Endeavor was created to remind advertisers to support quality journalism and editorial content with improved media buying. Our industry has become so focused on buying targeted audiences at scale, that quality content is overlooked. We encourage brands to support the editors that deliver real journalism and diverse perspectives which is a cornerstone of our democracy,” said Harry Kargman, Founder & CEO at Kargo.

To learn more about the Editorial Endeavor, and the Editorial Spotlight, please visit www.editorialendeavor.com 

Lucas Dawson