Frequently Asked Questions


+ Who is Kargo?

Kargo is a mobile-first ad tech company that helps the world's most influential brands translate their biggest ideas to the smallest of screens. Direct relationships with a curated set of invitation-only, premium publishers allow advertisers to reach 100% of US smartphone users to help achieve their brand goals in safe and fraud-free environments. Our creative & technology connects brands with mobile audiences to achieve outstanding outcomes.

+ Is Kargo Global?

Kargo offers services in North America and APAC (AUS; NZ).

+ How can I activate Kargo?


You can run direct or programmatically with us. Our team provides white-glove service no matter how you choose to transact. For programmatic campaigns, we have built our own, proprietary Kargo SSP with enhanced targeting, more accurate frequency capping capabilities and turnkey mobile creative activation for superior performance. Bring your own creative or our award-winning design team can provide added value design services where they take your standard assets and convert them to eye-catching, mobile-first formats. We can run almost all our creative units programmatically!

+ Who is Kargo integrated with?

We have direct integrations and certifications with many partners with respect to tracking, measurement and verification, data, targeting, video distribution and analytics, and technology. Though this list is constantly growing, a few of our integrations include:

+ Is Kargo anti-fraud certified?

Kargo is 100% Ads.txt certified.

+ What is Kargo's comScore reach?

Kargo's invitation-only Editorial Marketplace reaches 100% of US smartphones per Comscore across the world's premium publishers. Our official reach is 195MM US users - including both tablet and smartphone - based on a custom roll up verified by Comscore.

+ Which properties do you work with?

Our premium at scale editorial marketplace, consists of 300+ properties from over 60 leading media companies, and offers complete transparency. We only work with quality partners, ensuring your brand only runs in the best editorial content available. Kargo is the ultimate whitelist.

+ What is your price range?

Kargo pricing varies based on format, targeting and inventory availability. Please reach out to Kargo to assess pricing for your campaigns.

+ Does Kargo offer in-app inventory?

Kargo's inventory is exclusively web based.

+ How can I monetize with Kargo / become a publisher partner?

You can reach out to our publisher partners team here.

+ How do I get in touch?

You can contact us here