Kargo Acquires Rhombus, Introduces Social Canvas, Exclusive Social Embed Ad Format

Kargo, the leader in mobile advertising, today announced that the company has acquired Rhombus, an ad platform built around embedded social content on publishers’ sites. Now called Social Canvas, the technology will be fully integrated into the Kargo platform, where advertisers and publishers can trade on the unique ad placement. Social Canvas is a cookieless targeting solution that aligns brands, including clients Heineken and Allergan, with the news-worthy social posts that editorial teams rely on to tell their stories. Social Canvas places ads in an exclusive ad-slot adjacent to the social embed.

“Rhombus offered advertisers a proprietary social embed opportunity that has been a proven model of success for us. Now, as part of Kargo, Social Canvas will allow brands to target timely social content in even more premium publisher environments," said Myles Davio, Manager, Digital Marketing at Allergan.

“Social embed content represents a growing advertising opportunity for publishers and advertisers. Social Canvas offers exclusive access to this highly targeted placement within brand safe premium publisher content,” said Harry Kargman, CEO and Founder at Kargo.

Kargo’s elite editorial partners report on timely and trending stories, often including social embeds from platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.  According to insights from Rhombus, in the past 3 years there has been a 100% increase in the number of articles that feature social embeds, with more than 38% of all article pages now including at least one embed such as a video, tweet or post, which creates a large and growing advertising opportunity that benefits advertisers and publishers.  

With Social Canvas, brands can advertise adjacent to the social posts featured in articles from categories including entertainment, health & wellness, sports, news, and more.  Advertisers can target based on accounts, emojis, hashtags and keywords surrounding the biggest celebrities, influencers and tentpole events.

For publishers, Social Canvas provides a unique ad placement that can not only help monetize their pages more effectively, but also differentiate their offering with highly targeted, premium social advertising in a brand-safe environment.

“We’re thrilled to join the Kargo team, as they share our vision to create technology that delivers exclusive, premium advertising experiences. More and more, social media is the story, and Rhombus, now called Social Canvas, opens the door for premium publishers and advertisers to monetize the social embeds in a safe environment,” said Abe Storey, CEO at Rhombus.

Lucas Dawson