Kargo Opens First Office in Singapore and Appoints New Southeast Asia Sales Director

By MTS Staff Writer | March 4, 2020

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Jonathan Pacey Tasked With Strengthening Company’s Presence in APAC

Kargo, the leader in creative performance, announced the opening of an office in Singapore, which will service the company’s business in Southeast Asia. In addition to expanding its presence in the APAC region, Kargo is also welcoming Jonathan Pacey, who joins the company as Sales Director for Southeast Asia and will be based out of the new office in Singapore.

The focus for the new office will initially be to develop both the local Singaporean advertising business, while servicing the Pan-APAC campaigns that are created in Singapore. As part of its work in the region, Kargo will be looking to work with more local publishers in order to help them better monetise their mobile ad inventory.

“Singapore represents the most advanced digital economy in Southeast Asia and is a gateway for further development across the region,” said Robert Leach, Kargo’s General Manager in APAC. “The mobile market is worth approximately the same as it is in the United States, making further development incredibly advantageous for Kargo.“

To lead the new office and advancements in the region, Kargo is welcoming Jonathan Pacey to serve as Sales Director for Southeast Asia. Jonathan is an experienced digital advertising executive, who has spent time working with Outbrain and Taboola in Singapore and across Southeast Asia.

“In my experience in this industry, everything is based on relationships, which only works by establishing trust – Kargo has built trust within the industry, with a great product, a clear message and a strong foundation to continue expanding across the globe,” said Jonathan Pacey. “I’m excited to be a part of this company’s vision and future success in the region.”

“With Jonathan on board, we are continuing to showcase our commitment to growth in APAC and build on the expansion Kargo has undertaken over the last three years,” said Leach. “The work we’re doing isn’t just important for the company, it is vital as we continue working to keep the advertising dollars with the publishers that work so hard to create great content for local campaigns and local revenue.”

Lucas Dawson