and Kargo Partnership Delivers Enhanced Malvertising Protection for the Mobile Advertising Ecosystem

March 16, 2021

As featured in Advertising Report, the rapidly emerging global leader in malvertising prevention for publishers and platforms, and Kargo, the leader in mobile advertising, today announced a partnership aimed at preserving publisher revenue while ensuring the mobile ads delivered via the Kargo platform are free from malware.

Kargo's mission is to help publishers drive more yield from their properties while creating mobile ad experiences that serve their audiences and respect their brands. As the programmatic ecosystem becomes increasingly complex, so has the task of detecting and blocking malicious ads.

Kargo's integration of's behavioral and deterministic detection and blocking solution, cleanAD, delivers full scale, set-it-and-forget-it protection for all of the publishers within the Kargo network, and advances Kargo's objectives of fighting fraud and delivering quality experiences in premium environments.

"The programmatic advertising ecosystem is built on trust. Premium publishers rely on Kargo to deliver safe, high quality mobile ads in order to maximize monetization and safeguard end-users," said Matt Gillis, CEO of "Our technology offers the most sophisticated buyers of anti-malware technology like Kargo an additional layer of protection for both their publishers and buyers."

"Creating a successful advertising experience requires us to always be at the forefront of  campaign quality best practices. Partnering with is an exciting addition to our existing robust safety measures, delivering additional malware protection to our family of premier publishers and their audiences," said Michael Shaughnessy, COO of Kargo.

Majid Baber