In our relentless pursuit to understand what makes for the most effective advertising on mobile, Kargo continues to invest in research that serves as the foundation for our innovation and product development.

Partnering with 3rd party research companies -- including MediaScience, Nielsen, Verto Analytics -- we test our hypotheses in the lab and package up the results into digestible reports that we are pleased to share with you!


Learn about the adoption and usage trends behind the popular social extension

Understand which ads capture attention & the critical metrics that viewability doesn't measure

Find out which mobile platforms offer the most value for advertisers

Learn how simple creative enhancements to mobile ads can increase awareness & favorability

Understand the value that comes with adding mobile video advertising to your TV campaign

Find out how different environments impact an ad’s effectiveness on mobile

Learn where consumers are really spending most of their time on their smartphones

Discover the role emotions play

in determining mobile ad effectiveness